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Easy Versus Hard

On the subject of easy versus hard classes, there are some things to consider. Some people choose their classes based on how easy or hard they are reputed to be. Some of the "easy" classes are actually quite boring. If they are so boring that you skip classes or reading, then they may end up not being that easy. Sometimes the most challenging classes can be so interesting that you don't mind the challenge. More challenging classes can lead to career opportunities and better interaction with professors who can help to guide you with your education and future career steps.

A final note

To make your college experience a great one; motivate yourself to take harder classes. Challenge yourself to take classes in a wide range of areas to widen your worldview. Get inspired to work hard and to do well. We know there is more to life than school, but school can be exciting and rewarding when you take the time to choose the right classes. When in doubt ask others for help; you are worth the effort.

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