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If you've been in the work place, a great source for leads can be former co-workers. These people may be friends or acquaintances. After all, they know you and like you. But before approaching them, be sincere with yourself, know your limitations but also know your abilities. You can help out each other through recommendations, networking and referrals. Many employers now ask for references not only of former managers but also former peers. So after a job, keep in touch occasionally with former peers, but not just when you want something.

Recruiters can also be helpful. They can have access to companies and positions that are difficult to reach. Just be careful to understand it's a relationship. Like choosing the right mate, you have to choose the right recruiter. The right recruiter can be a lasting relationship of many years. The right recruiter can help grow your career over the long term. However, its still business to the recruiter, so don't think they are going to work harder at getting you a job than you will.

How you approach your job search will be based on your own personal style. My main suggestion is to approach the job search as a business venture. Be thorough and follow-up as you would if you were working for someone else. Keep in mind, this is more important. By writing lists and notes down, you are organizing yourself as well as showing yourself a commitment and promise of going after what you want. If it's on paper, you've thought it through, and its not so easily ignored. You will compete effectively by being efficient and by being true to yourself. Its time to create that opportunity- NOW! Happy hunting!

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