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Continued: Meeting and Making Friends

Forming Study Group. This has the added benefit of helping you to study in a more enjoyable way to study and get better grades. Spending long hours studying together creates a feeling of common cause and should lead to social meeting for coffee or drinks.

Waiters and Waitresses, If all else fails, talk to waiters and waitresses. They have to talk to you.

Be Polite and Outgoing

In general, if you spend time in places with other people the being polite will go a long way to breaking the ice. Saying hello to people, smiling and asking about them will make them more interested in knowing you. It's not so hard to meet people if you simply start the conversation.

Use Online Personal Ads and Chat Rooms

Use Online personals and chat rooms to meet people. Both are good ways to get to know people before meeting them. Using Online personals tends to be better than chat rooms because of the formality of setting up an ad leads to more honesty. Remember to take the time to ask the proper questions and get to know the person first. If you decide to meet someone, always meet first in a public space such as a cafe (not the one at which you always hang out). Personals can help you to screen out hundreds of losers and focus on someone who you are more likely to like.

Have fun with it.

Meeting people can be fun. Make the most out of your college days by having an active social life.

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