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Millennium U. Courses:


Grayscale and Truth

Color is all lies. Fine artists tell you how to use black and white and feel good about yourself.

Design Your Own Stamps

Taught by artists working with the teachers of the Return to Sender class. Fast, accurate, and designed to save money, postage art is the one art form that will survive into the next millennium. Make it stick.


Living Beyond Your Life Time

Millennium doctors share the secrets of the ancients including hibernation techniques, salves and ointments, and how to you swabs to live longer and healthier.

Your Web Funeral

Made popular by such visionaries as Timothy Leary, this hands-on class shows you how to carry your spirit into the future by perpetual Web site development. Automation is eternal.

Telepathic Communication with Appliances

Talk to your household appliances to get the most out of them. They were designed to be in your everyday experience, why not take it for granted? Bring a toaster.

Feng Shui for the Bathroom

Orient yourself where it counts.

Why People Smell Funny

Never wonder again how someone could be giving off that odor that smells like fiberglass and lemon juice. Experts take you through the world of funny smells and show you things about your classmates.

Vision Problems at Work: Why You Can't See Yourself There

For the first time optometrists and psychologists team up to make you see what they mean when they say "Work is just a sight for sore eyes". A brief explanation and demonstration of "blind-siding" is offered as well.

Mistaken Identity: It's not What You Think

The plague of the next millennium will be mistaken identity. Learn how to prevent your identity from taking on unwanted characteristics, how to keep your face and your picture in sync, and how to number your features.


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