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millennium U. Courses:


Shmoozac: The Art of Sing-Song Conversation

Learn how hypnotize with your voice. Like the rising and falling of the waterfall, your voice can persuade and influence while no one notices. Make others do your bidding, bidding, bidding la la.

Touching Your Computer

It's not just a keyboard and a mouse, it's a part of you. Be good to yourself and wash your hands.

Writing Without Punctuation

Finally the information age has relieved us of having to know when to put in commas and periods and the like when all that is required is a good sound style that eliminates the need for all that nonsense ­ the run-on sentence is king in the land of the digital word and now experts will guide you through the wonderful experience of minimal punctuation. Occasional dashes and periods may be used.

Ten Fatal Dates

Dating service employees teach you how to avoid the ten most awful dates like going out for lunch near dumpsters, watching pornography too soon, and shopping for tunics.

Dancing in Public

Gene Kelly is the model in "Singing in the Rain." Bring back an old custom and have fun doing it.

Wearing Chocolate

It's about time this underground activity came out!

Psychic Powers That You Already Have

If you have ever had the experience of remembering anything this is the class for you. Experts teach you how your memory is the key to hidden powers of prediction, how to make lists, how to phone ahead, how to make reservations, how to enjoy a movie you've already seen ­ this and much more.

Flatulence and Honesty: The Twelve Stages of a Relationship

Intimacy is just around the corner in the new age- so get a head start with this sensitivity class that lets you let it all out. Bring someone you love or dislike intensly, no half measures.

How to Leverage Your Celebrity Look-Alike

They tell you you look like Michael Pollard but you don't know how to use it? After this class you will get free valet parking, extra glasses of water, and winks.

How to Read More Slowly

Finally enough with the speed-reading. Slow down and have some fun with a book - take a couple of years to read Stephen King novels ­ you'll be amazed at how much more interesting words can be when your not going through them like aspirin.

Dim Toe: The Ancient Chinese Art of Toe Clipping

Divine your own future with toe-nail clippings.

Audio Books for the Hearing Challenged

Headphones Required.

Begging, Pleading and Sucking Up: How to Get It for Free

Everyone else is doing it, now you can learn how too.

Appropriate Cursing: The Art of Swearing Effectively

Pepper you speech with salty language, get the attention you so badly deserve. You have heard others do it but could never figure out when it was appropriate. Never say darn again.

Disguises and How to Recognize Them

Does the mailman look slightly familiar? Is your wife's friend vaguely familiar? Do you think you know that guy over by the jukebox? Well you probably do and now you can train yourself to remember names, faces, even smells.

The Art of Forgetting Through Practice and Repetition

Too much information got you down? Take this quick and easy class to hone your skills at blanking. Take it more than once if desired.

Paranoia: What No One is Telling You

You're the only one who really cares about this so take the class. Meet others who want to know all about you.

Spermbank Reincarnation

Genuine Twenty First Century mysticism, this class looks at how modern science has made it possible to understand the ancient secrets of reincarnation.

Competitive Martyrism

They all tell you your being a martyr? Tell them they haven't seen anything yet!



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