Crisis in Cali

Dear Ms. Disiac,

I worked with this one guy and developed a crush on him. I asked him out a couple times but not really on dates -it was more of a casual thing (coffee type deal). I got mad at him because he would never call me and we stopped talking for about 3 months. Finally I got enough courage to talk to him, and everything was back to normal except the crush I had on him feels more intense. I'm not sure but I feel this is more then a crush. Lately I've gotten out of him that he's afraid of commitment(wasn't directed towards me). He knew I had a small crush on him but I was never really direct with him. How should I approach him...I dunno if I could handle not talking to him for another couple months. He seems to be opening up to me a little more but we haven't hung out yet...nor exchanged numbers again. Should I let him know how I feel or give it some time? If I do give it time, how do I ask him to hang out again? I'm in fear he would hold back.

Crisis In Cali

Dear Crisis In Cali,

Hey girlfriend, you need to snap out of it. You will have to be more direct with him and ask him out on a real date. Since he isn't doing the chasing, you have to be the initiator. If he turns you down, then he's not ready or not interested. It's better to know than to wonder. Don't let your crush turn into a painful infatuation!

- Afra


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