Shy at 23

Dear Ms. Disiac,

I need help! I am 23 and I have been single all my life. I have never had girlfriend or date for that matter. I am nice looking guy. I'm 6'6 and into fitness. I know girls notice me. But my problem is this, I am shy.... I am getting better at talking to girls, but I can't show them I like them or am interested in them. Also, alot of girls think I'm stuck up 'cause I don't always smile or talk to them or approach them. So I can't win either way...I won't approach them cause I'm shy, and they wont approach me cause they are intimidated by me or think I'm unapproachable. The ones I am interested in I can't let myself be vulnerable to talk to them or show them I am interested in them...except maybe in writing. I am so tired of being alone...I guess I just need some advice in how to talk to girls and show them I like them. Also do you recommend any books for shy guys looking to meet and talk to women they like and attracted to?

Shy At 23

Dear Shy At 23,

If you have been shy this long, it will take a lot of effort to get over your shyness. But don't worry, you will be able to overcome your shyness if you work at it. I suggest that you go to some social events that are centered around an interest or a hobby. You should also practice talking with any women, not just the ones to whom you are attracted. This will make your more confidence. Also hang out with people who are more extroverted than you are to help bring you out of your shell. Whatever you do, don't just stay home and wait for things to happen.

For more advice about meeting people check out this page on Studentnow about meeting people. Also see my answers to Shyboy, Googoo Eyes. This book may also help... The Shy Guy's Guide to Dating

- Afra

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