Year Later,

Dear Ms. Disiac,

O.K. here's the deal. Me and my boyfriend of one year broke up after he went into the military. We're broke up for about 9 months when he started writing me, and we told each other how we felt. We both felt the same, we both still have feelings for each other. He's back now, and at first he came to see me at work and call every now & then. It was a couple of weeks since I heard from him and last Friday he invited me to a party, but I couldn't go with him. Then Saturday he calls me and asks why I'd I didn't wave at him (I didn't see him). I told him I didn't see him and he was like "ok, bye." I mean he makes these phone calls that don't make sense. I don't know what is up?? I don't want to lose him, but I don't know what to do. He told a friend of mine that he still has feelings for me and I was special, but he hasn't asked me out since he's been back for about 2 months.. I don't know what to do, but I really don't want to lose him... I don't know why he is acting like this...HELP!

Year Later

Dear Year Later ,

You say that he does not make sense, but he did ask you out and you rejected him to hang out with friends. If you want to go out with him, it's your turn to ask him out. But I have a feeling that this relationship is more about nostalgia than about be a current relationship. If it is to be more than nostalgia, then you both need to work at building a relationship. Don't just assume that he is the problem.

- Afra


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