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Continued: Secrets To Get To The Heart Of Your Loved One

By Caroline Therancy

How can we capture the heart of a Visual, an Auditory or a Feeling person?

With Visuals, you need to use visual terms; from my ‘’perspective’’, I can ‘’see’’ what you mean, the more I ‘’look’’ into this, the more it ‘’seems’’ nice, I ‘’observed’’ how wonderful you are with kids, etc…

Visual need to be stimulated with what they see; always have a neat house, with harmonized colors, be dressed elegantly in every situation (wearing jeans can be elegant with a nice matching color and style top). Be sexy. For lovemaking, always have a little light, or candle, because it turns them on to see their partner enjoying sex. Look in the eyes show them that you care for them and you are attentive. Visuals like to make scenarios.

They usually don’t rush in the lovemaking because they need to admire first. They need to ‘’see’’ it. Also, they don’t communicate in words their feelings. They show them instead. Be sensitive to their generosity. Don’t share your feelings too early in the relationship. Show them instead how you feel and how you are. They’ll get the picture.

Auditory will be worried about the noise in the house. Quietness and great music atmosphere sure gets them to come around often. Use a soft voice when speaking to them even when you are fighting. You will need to speak in sound language; your voice ‘’turns’’ me on, that has a negative ‘’ring’’, ‘’tell me, what do you think? I’m ‘’listening’’, this sounds ‘’wonderful’’, the ‘’rhythm’’ is perfect, etc.. Think verbal reassurance. Looking in the eye won’t have the same effect. Auditory often ask if you love them. For lovemaking, use a sensual sweet ‘’radio voice’’ in their ear.

Describe how you feel during the heat of the passion. Sounds of lovemaking will have a powerful effect on them. They usually don’t notice the new dress or new haircut that you just had, but they will gladly listen on how you got that new dress or new haircut, as long as they are in an environment that allows listening. They are really interested in who you are. Not on how you look. They are the best listeners.

With a Feeling person, use feelings word; that ‘’feels’’ good, I’d hate to ‘’disappoint you’’, I don’t really ‘’connect’’ with that person, I can’t wait to ‘’touch’’ you, I ‘’feel’’ that we are going somewhere, let me give you a ‘’massage’’, etc...They can be perceived a passionate people because they express their feelings so much. They need to know how you feel, very early in the relationship. They expect to be touched by their partner a lot and they do the same.

They often complain about insensitivity of their partners. Play with their hair while you talk to them, in the car, while you are driving, keep one hand on the leg, take walks and hold hands, wear satin underwear, make hot bath, etc...Feeling people can make lovemaking in any situation because they need the touch only. They are not necessarily the neat one or the most elegant either, but they will truly appreciate the complete you.

Pay attention of the dominant type of you and your partner’s. Practice the appropriate communication style until it becomes natural. Reducing challenges in a relationship increases the chances of lasting romance. Now, you have a way to capture the heart of anyone that you want, if you are single, and you can re-ignite the fire if you are in an unsatisfying relationship and get what you and your partner wants, because the connection will be deeper. I am a strong believer of ''say anything that you want'' to your partner. But, there are ways of saying things. You just learned on how to make yourself heard and understood properly and receive your partner's needs and caring expressions right.

Believe me. You’ll see the difference ;-)

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About The Author

Who is Caroline? She is a growing expert on love, relationship, romance because she is reading a lot on the subject. She is presently in a fulfilling relationship and she is gladly sharing her knowledge and experience. To continue receiving tips on how to get the love life that you want, you can subscribe free to her newsletter at

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