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Hippy Crash Pad

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Hippy Crash Pad
Photo Stylist: Jabneel

We set out to design the ultimate in alternative student furniture: fun, hip, cheap, portable, creative and do-it-yourself. It would have to withstand the dangers of dorm life, overcrowded apartments and the onslaught of overnight visitors. It would have to be something that could be personalized and modified to suit the personalities of creative students.

We have succeeded in all of the above with our invention of the Hippy Crash Pad. With items readily available from home furnishing and import stores we have created an all-in-one lounge, sofa, loveseat, study area and guest bed. It can easily be folded-up and moved out of the way. All of this can be yours for somewhere between $50 and $100.

Central to the Crash Pad is the a papason cushion, from those big round bucket seats called papasons. This cushion should be available separate from the papason, and we have seen it priced between $40 and $50. Next we added the green flannel pillow which was actually a "body pillow" we found at a linen outlet store for $10. To that we added the two mustard pillows which were $10 each. On top of these pillows add your accent items. We added items that we already had: the leopard print pillow and the wool blanket. We also placed the drum and the coffee table nearby to frame the whole thing.

As you can see by varying the color of the papason, the type of pillows and accents, you can come up with very different designs to suite your own unique personality. Try getting some of these items from family, friends and yard sales to get your costs lower and get your look to be unique. And when you do, tell them you saw it here first at StudentNow™.

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