True Dating Stories

Blind Date
by Caterina Christakos

There is something about a man with a picture of his sister on the dashboard of his truck that should send warning signals coursing through any normal woman's brain- especially if the picture is from glamour shots. As usual, I was blind to all signals the universe tried to throw my way and dared to venture where angels fear to tread.

I am of course referring to my first and last blind date. When my "good" friend set me up, she knew I was looking for an," old fashioned guy;" or "a southern gentleman."Perhaps we had different interpretations because what I got was a redneck from the furthest reaches of hell and his kin folk. Of course on the phone he was warm, charming, and funny. His mellow, drawl and self - description had me sure that finally I had met the man of my dreams.

In reality, at best, he was a pint sized version, whose hat was bigger than he was. I didn't know that God made men shorter than I am, well other than midgets but there he was all five foot nothing of him. I finally knew what really tall women went through when a man's nose was level with her breasts.

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