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FREE Web Sites - Web Communities

Get yourself a dozen free Web sites and space for thousands of pages. You may never see daylight again!

  • Familypoint Free Family Web sites. Family members can post notes on the Fridge, schedule events and activities on a calendar, share pictures, send messages and create conversations by topic, update the family address book, and even add recipes and other favorites in the "Family Favorites" area. Family members can also see who else is visiting the site at the same time and jump into a live chat. Bring your family closer together, for FREE!
  • Xoom
    • Free Web site, FTP,chat room, tons of clip art, web tools.
  • Fortunecity
    • 10 Megs of free web space, free e-mail.
  • Geocities
    • 6 megabytes of free space, a full set of tools, technical support, e-mail. Large community arranged around "neighborhoods".
  • Angelfire
    • 5 Megs free on this large service.
  • Tripod
    • 5 Megs free, over 1,523,000 Tripod members.
  • The Globe
    • 6 megs free website, free e-mail, chat,1,500,000 members.
  • Maxcafe
    • A newer free web community site.
  • Hypermart
    • 10 Megs and unlimted hits, providing the site is for buisiness.
    • Unlimited Space, requires their ads on each page.
  • Free yellow
    • Free 2 Megs. CGIs.
  • Cross Hairs
    • 4 megs of space plus a free e-mail
  • One World
    • 3 megs of space.

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