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Choose your classes Continued:

Think for Yourself

You should think for yourself in these matters and decide what you want to get out of your education. Are you there to get as many practical classes as possible that will help you to make more money out of school? Are you hoping to ensure that you are more marketable? If so, then you should focus on taking practical classes, whether you take accounting, statistics or Spanish. If you are there to get a well-rounded education, then you should take a wider range of humanities, literature, sciences, etc. If you are preparing to go to graduate school, you should find out what the requirements are for admission.

Narrowing Your Choices

Are you are trying to narrow things down between several classes? It's time to do some research. Think like a consumer. How is the professor of the class? Is he or she popular and well liked? Is he or she considered an expert in the field? Is the subject matter interesting? If possible you should sit-in on a lecture to check out his or her style. You could visit the professor during office hours, which are surprisingly under-used, especially at the start of the school term. You might also try visiting the class on the first day to get a sense of it. Depending on your school's policy, it may be OK to sign-up for more than the number of classes that you need, and then drop one or two of them within the allowable time-frame. If you take this approach be certain to drop the classes that you don't want to take before the deadline.

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