College Lingo Continued...
By Jayce Dean Scott

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Parking Gestapo - parking ticket police
Pizza pirating - to not pitch in for pizza cost
Playing house - a dating couple who practically live together
Prep snooze - the act of sleeping off a big night or in preparation for one
Prozac shot -cookie dough
Quack shack - college health facility
R2D2 - combination dorm microwave/fridge
Rents - parental ex. "So when are the rents sending you a check?"
Scamming - on the hunt for the opposite sex
Sco-Pro - Scholastic probation
Sexiled - kicked out of your place while your roomie has a "friend" over
Shacking - spending the night at your "friends" See also sexiled
T.C.G. - The Computer Guy in the dorm or computing center
Throw me a bone - to ask for help
T.O.E. - The Other Education - learning outside of the classroom
Umpteen - infinite or great in number
Vanilla - plain or lacking excitement
Wang Chung - old
Zombied - to pull a an all-nighter
So there you have it. The basic vocabulary that will get you started on the path of collegiate greatness. Use these words to get yourself out of or into trouble you will be ashamed of in years after matriculation. Just in case you donít know, matriculate means to go to college. G2GO

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