Famous Last Words... For Freshmen
By Jayce Dean Scott

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Famous Last Words: Here are some words of wisdom for freshmen...
“I'll wake up early to do that.”
This one goes well with the alarm F.L.W.
“Just one more…(anything… mini-burrito, drink, slice, kiss, hour of sleep, etc.)” Funny how just one more can add up so quickly.
“Maybe the professor will offer extra credit.”
You could always try prayer.
“Next semester I won't skip a single class.”
It is good to have goals. They are big time character builders.
“Twelve CDs for a penny…sign me up!”
Like a crack junky…you are now hooked…
“Sure! I will do a tequila shot.”
Under age drinkers…legal drinkers…designated drivers…everyone should beware this one.
“Surely, I can get forced into that class.”
Did you hear that? It was the tiny and unmistakable sound of stress.
“That class section will probably be open.”
If you have junior status with a 3.5 GPR and have taken Political Science 301 while simultaneously enrolled in Chemistry Lab 213 and finally subject to Dean approval.
“This semester I will study from 7-11 PM every night.”
Never mind all the other things you have planned…I am sure you will find the time.
And the most Famous of all Famous Last Words:
“I'll just close my eyes for a minute.”
Don’t worry this F.L.W. never goes away completely…you will say this one the rest of your life!
College can be a wonderful time to experiment with a variety of plans, hopes and dreams that may or may not come to fruition. Yet, like a properly used F.L.W. all will lead to learning valuable life lessons and that is what you went to school for in the first place.

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Author Jayce Dean Scott has over 15 years' experience as a College Advisor, Educational Consultant, and Public Speaker. He has worked with over 4,000 students with organizational leadership, career
counseling, crisis mediation and college lifestyle coaching. He has
also been the author of over 150 non-profit fiscal development
proposals for organizations ranging from the Houston Symphony to the
National Endowment for the Arts.



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