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Fabulous Funky Fashion

Your Glitz in Today's Glamour

by Akilah S. Palmer

The Broadening Boundaries of Current Fashion Trends

About the Author

Akilah S. Palmer is currently working as the program coordinator for College and Career Development Unit of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta. Present duties include the planning and conducting of workshops to service middle school aged youth throughout Atlanta and its surrounding cities.

Akilah's areas of skill include the creation of newsletters, brochures, creative writings, interactive media projects, and public speaking. She has worked as a freelancer writer and served as the Fashion Editor for Atlanta based "Experience Reality" magazine, along with serving as the Chief Editor for Her clients include local businesses and individual artists.

Akilah earned her Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications from Clark Atlanta University. While at Clark Atlanta, she served as a writer, director, and script supervisor for the Atlanta University Center's only student-run film organization and cohost for WCLK (91.9fm) community forum radio show University Vibes. With an ongoing interest in the areas of writing and the non-profit sector, Akilah is constantly working to increase her knowledge and sharpen her skills in her areas of interest.

Akilah lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.

From glamour to grass roots, from Fabulous Femme to Funky Mamma – the absolute brilliance of today’s fashions lies in its broadened boundaries.  Gone are the days when you had to be draped in a particular designer’s name in order to be on the hot list.  Not ignoring the fact that our music today still chants mantras of Prada, Gucci, and FUBU- you can still blend any of those designer names with plain ‘ole vintage and come out strutting your stylish stuff.  Nowadays, you can feel free to factor in equations such as …

Sax 5th Ave + Psycho Sisters New /Used Clothing Boutique = Yes Darling, It Is I!

Current trends have abandoned the dictator role for the make-it-work-honey look that merges a wide range of eras and styles.  Take hot spot Atlanta, GA as an example.   Peruse the dance floors of any Buckhead or Midtown club and the night scene boasts the savvy fashion innovations that mimic the Maxwell/Ananda Lewis/Lenny Kravitz look.  Ladies donning baby tees with 70’s film stars faces on them turn heads everywhere they go.  Their outfits are paired with anything from plaid capris to low-rise denims complete with platform sandals or a bangin’ pair of Via Spiga slingbacks.  Our male counterparts are looking and feelin’ fine in their flat front slacks that work well with their Kenneth Coles, or they may be working the rubber off some classic Timberland boots complete with plain ‘ole Levis and a FUBU Fat Albert T-shirt.

So for all of us Fashion Impaired and Stylistically Challenged individuals out there…

Go right ahead – experiment, design, and of-course combine.  Introduce your style to the world—your timing couldn’t be better?



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