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This groundbreaking film opened March 16th, 2001 in Los Angeles and then opens Nationwide on a regional basis over the course of several months in 2001.

"Gabriela" is a love story set against the backdrop of a mental health clinic.  The film features star making performances by Jaime Gomez ("Crimson Tide," "Nash Bridges") and Seidy Lopez ("Mi Vida Loca" and is distinguished by several other outstanding performances by ), Lupe Ontiveros ("As Good as it Gets"), Frank Medrano ("Shawshank Redemption") and Evelina Fernandez ("American Me"), Lemont Bently (Moesha), Troy Winbush (The Replacements), among others.  The film was written, produced, and directed by Vincent Miller

"Gabriela" is a great love story with intense emotion and a healthy dose of humor. Jaime Gomez and Seidy Lopez create heat on the screen while they deal with real human emotions. Gomez plays a tough but sensitive leading man. Seidy plays a softer, more sensitive role than usual and is breathtaking as Gabriela. Lupe Ontoveros was a joy to watch as Gabriela's frantic grandmother. Troy Winbush is very funny as the womanizing best friend. Lemont Bently shines as a mental patient.

Gabriela has screened to packed theaters at a number of college campuses, including most recently at Cal State Northridge, at a fundraiser for earthquake victims in El Salvador.

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What the people are saying about Gabriela:

"Gabriela is the best love story since Pretty Woman...
Romantic and very funny."
- La Opinion, Juan Rodr íguez Flores

"'Gabriela' is amazing. Seidy Lopez and Jaime Gomez set the screen on fire."
- Linda Pliagas, Latina Style

Gabriela is "truly a romantic tale beautifully written... and visually enticing.... a love story that can be appreciated by everyone."
- Estylo Magazine

"'Gabriela' is the best independent movie I have seen in 5 years." - Larry Porrichelli, V.P. Marketing, Edwards Cinemas Theater Chain

"Gabriela is a classic Hollywood love story with cutting edge wit. It's the most relevant Indie film since 'Sex, Lies and Videotape.' - Nu Visions

"Gabriela is a genuine love story with all the deliciousness of forbidden fruit... Mr. Miller is entering uncharted territory with his beautifully photographed film."
- Latin Style

"With positive reactions from the Hollywood insiders ... Miller is ready for the next step." - Los Angeles Times, Calendar Section 

Official Gabriela Web Site



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