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Firsthand accounts from the set of Gabriela.
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Movie Jobs - First-Hand Accounts from the Set of Gabriela.
Alodie Fernanda
Gilbert Kelly
Pablo Violeta

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Seven interviews with some of the production crew of the hot indie feature film Gabriela.

Many of the crew of Gabriela were working on their first feature-length motion picture. By working hard on an independent feature film, they were able to get astoundingly great experience. Many of them have gone-on to work on more movies, television, commercials and other projects. Several of them were interviewed to get insights about what it was like to work on the movie.

Kelly - Former psychology student, started as a production assistant and ended up being co-executive producer. More

Pablo - Just out of film school, provided extra value by rotating as needed as 1st and 2nd camera assistant, grip/electric and dolly. More

Alodie - Got her start as a student intern and moved into the art department as the set decorator. More

Fernanda - media studies major worked as a production assistant for Director, Vincent Miller. More

Violeta - Used her experience as a clothing designer to get herself a position as costume designer for the movie. More

Gilbert - Worked as a production assistant, did some grip work, and his daughter Erica ended up snagging a speaking role. More

Yesica - Started as a production assistant and ended up acting as well as singing on one of the songs in the movie. More

Gabriela is a comedic love story, with Latino characters and actors. To learn more about supporting positive Latino themed films like Gabriela, please visit the Premiere Weekend Club and find out about the revolutionary Million Moviegoer March. Interviews courtesy of Gabriela Partners and Grindstone Pictures.

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