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Movie Jobs - First-Hand Accounts from the Set of Gabriela.
Alodie Fernanda
Gilbert Kelly
Pablo Violeta

Acting Jobs


Interviews with crew of the indie feature film Gabriela.

Fernanda Barreto - Production Assistant

I was a production assistant. I’m at Pomona College in Claremont and I’m a Media Studies major. I wanted some experience in the film world, so I decided to intern for the summer. Well, it was a good project, it was a good story line. The people were really nice, so it was a nice atmosphere to work in. I didn’t [know anyone beforehand], no one. I have [made many friends]. A lot of the production and some of the actors, everyone was very friendly. Since it was an independent film, everyone worked on a similar level, so you got to know everyone really well.

I will most likely [go into film]. I had been thinking about it before. Gabriela gave me an opportunity to see what it was like and to learn a lot. My desire to go into film is still there, Gabriela might have made it stronger, my desire, but I’ve always wanted to do film or TV. Not any major challenges, I guess there were everyday, those small challenges that you had to over come, but no large challenges. You just kind of did it [the long hours]. While you were doing it was like: "oh god, the hours are so long, but afterwards you kind of miss it; you get use to it."

I'm originally from Los Angeles, born and raised. I think the film’s portrayal is a humanist portrayal. I don’t think the story line is specific to Latinos or Latinas. It’s a story where it could be anyone and I think it’s a very humanist approach. Accurate, yes, I guess I don’t see the characters being strictly Latinos, they human. It’s how any two humans would interact.

I had a very good experience, it taught me a lot. I think it was good that my first movie was an independent where everyone worked together towards this one goal. It was a good experience, I enjoyed it.

Interview by permission from the producers of Gabriela.




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