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If you are an entering freshman, you left a world that you know for one that is totally new. You may want to get some perspective from one of our student writers on going from senior to freshman. You can also get some good advice about being new in college. If you have not yet picked a major, then you may feel the heat to decide everytime someone asks, "what's your major"? Whether or not you have picked a major, there is still the concern of grades. We can help you there with our guide to better grades now. Or you may just want to develop your own winning attitude. It's important that you know the ins and outs of choosing classes to be sure you are heading in the right direction. Perhaps the most important academic thing to know is how to write a good essay, so it helps to have essay writing tips.

Getting adjusted to a new place can present many challanges. You may just want to meet people on campus and even if you are shy there are techniques that you can use to easily get to know people. Until you meet that special person, are you happy and single? If you think you're alone you may want to read about other people's love problems or ask for your own love advice.

If you're not moving into the dorms, you may need to search for a roommate. Try our roommate search now. If you are moving into the dorms there may be a lot of adjustments. What out for bad a numver of famous roomates. You may get some perspective on your new place by reading Dr. Ruth's dorm life 101 where you can find out how to deal with noise, drugs and alcohol, coed mixed dorms and other issues. You can even find out about dorm alternatives including coop housing. If your limited space and limited budget make in impossible to furnish your digs, you could try to make a hippy crash pad, our exclusive design. Watch out for the dreaded "freshman 15" and learn more about weight loss.

If you need money you should start with your college's financial aid office for help.Unless you are rolling in money, you should know about how to survive on a student budget. We also offer resources for student financial services. You may need financial aid, but watch out for scholarship scams. You may just earn money the old fashion way, get a job. Better yet, get a jump on a great career. Learn what it takes to get that dream job working as a publicist, wedding planner, travel writer, archaeologist, or interior decorator. Or why not start your own business? If all else fails you could try to win money and prizes through online sweepstakes.

You can't be too serious, you gotta have some fun. You've gotta have some adventure too. Some people have adventures through roadtrips and other travel. Adam is one of the ultimate roadtrippers having logged 10s of thousands of miles in his roadtrip adventures, Cruising USA. If you need fun right this very momen, check out our fresh rotation of comics. Or you can go ahead and download some free MP3s, and get great deals on MP3 players. Play online games. A facinating view into the lives of other students can be found through one of many student Web cams. Another interesting ways students express themselves is through personal web logs , aka Blogs . For fun, we know you may want to check out our sites for music and movies.

You may have lots to buy for your new dorm or apartment. We have provided you with some deals at our back to campus deals and our hot deals list. Get yourself a new computer or software. Decorate your space with art posters, and home furnishings. Buy your textbooks online as well as magazines, books or music. Phone home with one of many telephone services. Get new cloths and jewelry or sporting goods.

In your spare time you may wish to make the world a better place. Or at the very least you could improve your life. Start by avoiding Destructive Habits. Get yourself organized through better time managment. You could also get back to basics and think like a kid to improve yourself.

Starting college is a big change, but whatever you do, just keep your cool, take your time, pay attention to what you need to do and have some fun. The good news is that millions of people started out just like you and they got through it all with a combination of hard work and good times.




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