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Latino Content on StudentNow

Premiere College Tour of 20 major campuses with large Latino student populations.

Premiere Weekend Club Promote Positive Latino movies and Arts.

Movie Jobs (from the set of Latino film Gabriela)

Latino College Content on the Web

Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the granting scholarships to Latino students.

Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities - To improve access to and the quality of post-secondary educational opportunities for Hispanic students.

ASPIRA - A national nonprofit organization devoted to the education and leadership development of Puerto Rican and other Latino youth.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute- A nonprofit and nonpartisan educational organization which develops the next generation of Latino leadership.

The Falu Foundation Scholarship offers $1000.00 Scholarships to young Latino students for careers in technology.

University of Texas - Latin American Network Information Center - provides access to relevant academic databases and information services on the Web.

Latino College Expo - The Latino College Expo fosters the educational goals of New York City high school students of Latino heritage

Latino Greeks - The site for Latino fraternities and sororities.

General Latino Content on the Web

Chicano/Latino Network (CLNET) - The Chicano/Latino Network (CLNET) is a general Latino Focused Internet site serving all segments of the community. A Latino portal and News site with daily news.

QuePasa Latino Web portal.


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