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Premiere College Tour 2000-2001

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Premiere College Tour

StudentNow is proudly sponsoring the Premiere College Tour 2000-2001. Schedule

The Premiere Weekend Club, a nonprofit organization that promotes Latino films and artists, announces that its first annual nationwide college tour.

Premiere College Tour Hits University of Texas at San Antonio

The Premiere Weekend Club, a nonprofit organization that promotes Latino films and artists, announces that its first annual nationwide college tour is coming to the University of Texas at San Antonio on April 23rd.

The Premiere College Tour celebrates positive images of Latinos by featuring exciting new films, music performances, and other arts and activities at 20 major campuses across the country. The events will be held at every college with a large Latino student population, including Hunter College of New York, UCLA, Arizona State University, University of Houston, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Miami-Dade Community College. The local Community Colleges will also be included in each of cities of the tour with a tie in to recruitment efforts to encourage students to attend four-year universities.

The events kick off at San Antonio with a roundtable discussion of community leaders, media, college professors, and student leaders, focusing on how Latinos have been presented in Hollywood films. The highlight of the events will be the San Antonio Premiere of Gabriela at 7PM at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. Gabriela is the film that has been credited for inspiring a social movement and the formation of the Premiere Weekend Club. Gabriela is attracting attention not only for its high quality, but also for its ground breaking positive portrayals. According to Juan Rodríguez Flores of La Opinión, “Gabriela’ is the best love story since “Pretty Woman”…romantic and very funny.” Power Point Films is releasing the movie nationwide in the Spring..

Written and Directed by Vincent Jay Miller, the movie features up and coming stars Jaime Gomez (“Nash Bridges,” “Clear and Present Danger”) and Seidy Lopez (“Mi Vida Loca,” “Luminarias”), along with Lupe Ontiveros (“Selena,” “El Norte”), Evelina Fernandez (“Luminarias”). A Q & A session and autograph signing by star Seidy Lopez and the Director will follow the screening.

The Premiere Weekend Club has established itself as being on the cutting edge with marketing techniques, including strategies utilizing the Internet and e-mail blasts. The Premiere Weekend Club is coordinating the tour partly to further establish its nationwide infrastructure to promote films and artists on a grass-roots level. The Premiere Weekend Club is creating a network of community leaders, college professors, students, media, religious and union leaders, who will help get the word out about projects in their local communities.

Advisory Council members, Salma Hayek, Jimmy Smits, John Leguizamo, Edward James Olmos, Esai Morales, and Cheech Marin support the Premiere Weekend Club and its efforts.

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