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Premiere College Tour 2000-2001

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Photos: The El Paso event, featuring Luninarias filmmaker and star, Evelina Fernandez, signing autographs for students while Premiere Weekend Club President, Gil Botello, answers questions.
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Premiere College Tour Schedule

StudentNow is proudly sponsoring the Premiere College Tour 2000-2001.

Evelina Fernandez & Gil BotelloMore information about the tour.

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September 11th-14th: University of Texas, El Paso (With El Paso Community College)

October 30th-31st: San Diego State with main university events taking place on one day) (With San Diego City College, Southwestern College, Mesa College)

November 8th: Cal State Fresno

November 16th: Arizona State University

Evelina Fernandez SigningJanuary 16th-18th: Cal State Los Angeles (With East Los Angeles College)

January 24th: University of Houston

February 5th: Cal State Long Beach

February 6th: Santa Ana

February 12th: Cal State Fullerton

February 22nd: University of Texas, Austin

February 26th-March 1st: University Of Texas, San Antonio (With San Antonio College, St. Phillips, Palo Alto, Northwest Vista)

March 8th: University of Texas, Pan American

March 20th: CUNY (New York)

March 26th-March 29th: Miami-Dade Community College

April 5th: University of Illinois at Chicago

April 25th: University of Texas, Brownsville

April 26th: University Of Texas, San Antonio (With San Antonio College, St. Phillips, Palo Alto, Northwest Vista)

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