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Millennium U. Courses:


How to Sue Yourself

A fast track class on how to keep your money and learn the legal profession's secrets at the same time.

How to Deface Money

Which pen do you use? What catches people's eyes? What color? How do I draw a mustache? What does the phrase "E pluribus Unum'' really mean when you cross out the pluribus? Field trip to railroad tracks too.

Adult Businesses for Children

Put the kids to work and don't look back.

Get Rich in Your Car

A special class designed in and for Los Angeles. Learn when to show your cell phone, when to run out of gas and when to fix a flat tire and make a profit. This class is certified by Traffic School instructors to not only make it possible to get points easily off your record but make money doing it. You'll need extra room so get a big car; an SUV (Sure Unlimited Volume) is preferred.

Zero: You Gotta Have It

Learn about nothing and how important it is to figure it into the equation.

Become an Invention

Never mind being an inventor ­ take the next step!

Stock Market Schmock Market

Find out what every savvy broker knows ­ the stock market isn't about stocks and it really isn't a market!

Return to Sender: How to Make Postal Cash

Ever wonder what happens when you mail yourself something? This class is taught by armed and dangerous former employees of the postal service. Don't be late!

No Experience Necessary: How to Succeed Without Knowing Anything

Team-taught by the pros ­ this classes hooks you up with the rich and the ignorant and your already half-way there­ so why not go all the way? Don't bring anything to class but your stupid self.

Privacy Shimvacy: How to Get the Dirt You Need

Taught by the same group that does the stock market class, this class shows you how to "look-on with your neighbor" and make it pay. Be prepared to sit close to your classmates and exchange credit cards.

Mastering the 2-For: How to Get Twice as Much

Required if you want to have anything left after taxes. The future is plural, get used to it.



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