College Lingo 2: More New Vocabulary
By Jayce Dean Scott

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College Lingo 2: More New Vocabulary, Slang and Buzzwords from Today's Campuses.

Author Jayce Dean Scott has over 15 years' experience as a College
Advisor, Educational Consultant, and Public Speaker. He has worked
with over 4,000 students with organizational leadership, career
counseling, crisis mediation and college lifestyle coaching. He has
also been the author of over 150 non-profit fiscal development
proposals for organizations ranging from the Houston Symphony to the
National Endowment for the Arts.

Time for your second lesson in college lingo, speak and vernacular. If you are going to walk the higher-ed walk then you will definitely need to talk the campus talk. Jargon de la campuso will not satisfy your foreign language requirement, but it will help you transition easier into your new freshman world.
Animal House - Any fraternity house
Awesome Possum - exclamation of joy
B-POO – Bitter, Party Of One. Used to describe bitter,
loner types - ex. "Whoa. did you catch her attitude?
So B-POO!"
Beer goggles - term describing the effect alcohol can have
 on judgment when choosing a romantic prospect
Beer muscles - the drunken belief you can indeed lift any
 object or win any cat fight
Being Britney - girls who expose lots of skin in their
fashion statement
Biggie - something very important
Body Nazis - work out fanatics at the campus or local gym
Bones – leftover pizza crusts…usually found in
random and unusual places - ex. Bathroom counter top
Booze Snooze - the act of sleeping off a big night
or in preparation for one
B.A.V. - Born Again Virgins - people who after a bad
relationship or a sexual mistake "reclaim" or
deny their purity status
Bouya - exclamation of extreme coolness or joy in
Breaking the seal - Opening a textbook

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