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Dorm Alternatives

On most college campuses, the administration wants freshmen to live in a dorm. Eventually they'll allow you to move out into private quarters, but as an indoctrination of sorts, colleges insist that you partake in some communal living. I actually think it's a good idea because if you've always lived at home and then were isolated in an apartment off campus, you might find yourself feeling very lonely. But one of the things I learned in doing research for this book is that some campuses have private dorms. These are acceptable to the college administration but may be a cut above what the college offers.

When I lived in Israel, which was still Palestine then, I lived on a kibbutz and so I know that one can make do on very little in terms of creature comforts. But college students these days are faced with a lot more pressures. A college degree has become necessary to get ahead in the world, and many more undergraduates plan to go on to graduate school. So I see nothing wrong with living communally but with a touch of luxury to accentuate it. Jacuzzis, pools, sun decks, concierge service, dry cleaning facilities, and better food can certainly enhance your college experience. In some of these dorms you can even get a massage. Now I'd definitely pay extra for that! And especially for those who don't like the idea of communal bathrooms, these private dorms are all suites, so that you share a bathroom with only your suite mates. Because private dorms don't require any additional financing on the part of the colleges or the taxpayers, yet allow for an expanded student body, they are becoming more and more popular. Today's college-bound high schoolers have grown up with additional services at home, greater than those only ten years ago. This new consumer has set expectations on a higher plane. Universities and colleges are changing "business as usual" to accommodate this new market. These incoming students grew up with their own bedrooms and had cable or a satellite dish in the den. In the private dorms available today, you can check the dinner menu on Intranet or write a work order from your room. The Ethernet makes your computer faster for research, the dorm housekeeping staff will clean your bathroom regularly, and the "resident life staff" will make sure you are aware of homecoming events.

If your budget allows for a dormitory upgrade, investigate the possibilities and indulge yourself!

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