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Dr. Ruth's Guide to College Life
By Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer And Pierre Lehu

Dorm Life 101

As the person who shares such close quarters with you, your roommate is a very important part of college life... More

Morning Larks Versus Night Owls

Medical science has shown that teenagers need a lot of sleep, but college may not be the best place to get it. More

Noise and Other Distractions

The noise in a college dorm doesn't just keep you awake, it can also be a detriment to studying. More

Alcohol and Cigarettes

Some students choose a dorm that is alcohol and drug free. They've made a choice before they get to college... More

Drug Use

Drugs are another matter altogether. First of all they're illegal... More

The Sexual Side of Drugs and Alcohol

Some people resort to drugs to "enhance" their sex life in some way. More

Food Issues

While overeating does have potentially serious health consequences, so can dieting, when it goes to the extremes of anorexia and bulimia. More

The Mixing of the Sexes

For anyone who does not like the thought of sharing their dorm with members of the opposite sex, almost every college has dorms where you really won't have such problems. More

Dorm Alternatives

On most college campuses, the administration wants freshmen to live in a dorm. More

Work Life

With college tuitions as high as they are, more and more students are working while they attend classes. More

Your Residential Advisor

It might be natural to look at the RA of your floor, as well as any other residential staff, as replacement of parental authorities... More

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