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Continued: Meeting and Making Friends

Working on Campus is a good way to meet people, as well as put some money in your pocket, solving two problems at once. It depends on the job. If you have a job where you interact with people, and have some time to talk with them, then you are going to meet a lot more people who you will see repeatedly. Beware, if your job involves wearing a goofy uniform, it may not help you to meet people, and may even hinder meeting people.

Social events can be good ways to meet people. School dances, campus mixers and happy hours may seem un-hip and they are, but don't dismiss them outright. Other people may have the same feelings about it, so if you approach someone and say, "These things are really lame, aren't they?" or say, "Don't you hate these things." These are good ways to start a conversation, because suddenly you'll something in common to rant about.

Activism frequently brings people of like minds together. If you believe strongly in something, and you join a cause you will meet other people who share you passions. That passion translates into sense of belonging and connection between people. There is nothing like a rally followed by some time in prison with your new buddies, to inspire a sense of camaraderie against a common foe. You may want to look at your college policy about these matters before you attempt radical actions that may get you thrown out of school.

Make a table your office. Sit in the same area several times a week, and you are bound to meet and get to know people who are also there frequently. As you become a fixture, people will begin to feel that they know you. While this will work at any eating area, it is especially good in a coffee house environment, if your school has one. There is something about coffee, tea and muffins that brings people together and stimulates conversation.

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