Famous Roommates: Real Life Issues
By Jayce Dean Scott

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Continued Famous Roommates: Real Life Roommate Issues
Keep your reputation Snow White…and the Seven Dwarves
Your roomy relationship, how you deal with the good times and bad is up to you. It is a reflection of you. Consider Snow White. She roomed with seven guys. Some see her as Princess others as just a tramp.
Friends for life
Sometimes you are just made to be roommates, like Joey and Chandler. All you might need is a pair of recliners and a huge television for roomy bliss.
Be a Charlie’s Angels
Compromise where you can, assert in others, kick butt when necessary.
Little Women equals Big problems
Too much of something can be hazardous to your health. In the classic byLouisa May Alcott,it was estrogen. Shake and diversify things up a bit.
My big fat weird roommates

Like a family…roommates…can’t live with them and you cannot live without them. Have a little love for them regardless of how much a pain in the bum they can be at times.
It seems like life is a sitcom at times, right?
Don’t have a Seinfeld slash Krammer episode. Respect each other’s privacy. Close the door and dead bolt it or they’ll bust right in.
Like castaways: you’re here for a long, long time.
You will have to make the best of things on your own Gilligan’s island.
Roomie, roomie, roo…where are you? - Scooby and Shaggy
Nothing breaks the ice like a big bunch of munchies and roomie snacks…just hang out in your Mystery Van and get to know one another.
At times you have probably seen or will come to know your own roomy relationship as a tragedy or dark comedy. Whether your roommate experience is positive or negative, nothing beats all the growing up that takes place while you are in that relationship.
Having roommates sets you up a little bit better to handle family, co-workers, wives, husbands, significant others and the whole host of human interactions later in life. Learn from your mistakes and successes now. Don’t be like the first roommates: Adam and Eve. In the end, even they got evicted!

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