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Use Your Time Wisely!
By Michael Lee

When I was small, I have never considered the importance of time.
I would just laze around, watch TV, lie in bed, and play video
games.  As I grew older, I thought about the things that I have
achieved.  To my surprise, I haven't accomplished a lot. 

I resolved to myself that I will do things that will contribute
to the benefit of mankind.  I studied very hard and learned a
lot of lessons from my experience.  I lack self-confidence
before, so I want to help other people overcome this predicament.

I became obssessed with self-improvement, so I started a
newsletter.  I'm also working on an ebook about persuasion as
I'm writing this.  I want to help anyone in need because it
feels so good to solve other people's problems.

I urge you now to make the most use of your time.  It may be
joining a fundraising organization.  You may also learn new
skills or crafts.  Create a goal and go for it!

Don't be a couch potato.  Don't just sit around and be contented
with the monotonous patterns of your daily activities. 

Do something nice and give all your best to the fulfillment
of a worthwhile endeavor.  It will give you a very deep sense
of happiness and satisfaction.

Some people complain that they don't have enough time to take
action on their goals.  They have to go to their 9 to 5 job,
then when they go home they feel so tired all they can think
about is watch TV, relax, and sleep.

I'm not saying that leisure is a no-no.  In fact, everyone should
take time out once in a while to recharge and revitalize their
energy.  The key is to have a balanced life.  Set aside a
fraction of your time to carry out your dreams and ambitions.
Reserve some time to establish healthy relationships.

Ok, I hear you.  You're saying that you really just can't budget
your time?

Don't panic.  Here are some time management tips:

1) If possible, do more than one thing at the same time.
Exercise while watching your favorite TV show.  Listen to
educational tapes while waiting for the bus. 

Be forewarned! Never do this if it puts you at risk or in
danger; for example, don't text while driving.

2) Don't do something later if it can be done concurrently with
an activity at present.

If you're going to the market to buy some eggs, think of the
other things that you have to purchase so that you don't have
to return again.

If you have an appointment with the dentist today and you also
have to go to the bank (which is near the dentist's clinic) at
any day, schedule the two activities on the same day.

3) Be organized in everything that you do.

Put labels on bottles.  Put similar files on one folder.  Make a
list of things you have to do for the day.

You can also use your mind to organize things you have to
remember.  Studies have shown that you could only retain
information that fit between 5 to 9 categories at a time. 
This is the 7+-2 rule of Neurolinguistic Programming.

If you have many things to do, try to group related things together.
You can combine activities such as reading books, listening to
educational tapes, and watching training videos into a category
such as "Education."  Then you can group swimming, playing
basketball, and paying fees for the gym in a category called
"Fitness."  Get the picture?

Time is one of our most valuable resources.  Once lost, it can
never be reclaimed.  We must use time wisely for our development
and advancement; so that when we are old, we can look back and
recollect the pleasant memories and deeds that we have achieved.
Time well spent is worth much more than gold.

Michael Lee is the author of "How To Be A Red Hot Persuasion Wizard," an ebook designed to fully improve your relationships, multiply your profits, win negotiations, and help you attain all the desired freedom and power you could ever dream of. Go to now and grab a sample chapter.


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