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Millennium U. Courses:


Getting Away with Murder: Secrets of the Stars

From Fatty Arbuckle to O.J. Simpson (although he really wasn't a star) they have been staying out of the electric chair for years in Hollywood. Find out how!

Make Your Own Laws and Enforce Them

The anarchists never got this far! Now you can by just signing up for this rigorous class that make it fun and easy to set your own agenda and not by penalized for it.


How to Create a Personal TV Network

Why wait for a job in media when you can be the boss? This class will prepare you for the ups and downs of network moguling. The future is in communications so why not own one?

Ventriloquism and the Internet

Sounds ridiculous right? Well listen again ­ if you can throw-your-voice on the Internet without moving your lips you can land a man on the moon. Virtual dummies, glass of water, and the smell of flannel.

Radio Futures

Think radio is dead? Well think again and again. Radio is radio and it will never go away. Radio is where we came from and where we go when we die. Radio is so powerful that not even Hitler could control it and darned if he and Roosevelt didn't try. Fireside chat is the way of the future, always was.

Media Logic

What happens when you put two sitcoms together? What happens when advertising becomes a show? When is news completely fake? Why is a thirty minute show only twenty minutes? What happened to the ten second spot? Infomercial? Edutainment? It's all in the class. Bring an agent.

The Millennium: Reporting from the Gold Mine

Howell Norfolk teaches you why you never thought of a whole lot of things and why you never will. Be prepared to think and then forget.

Flypaper: The Next Internet Metaphor

Sick of information highways? Tired of push-technology? Had it with channels? This class brings you face to face with interface and why it has to always change (take a look at your own face ­ see what I mean?). If it goes global it better buzz and stick.

Become a Global Visionary

They have to have the big picture ­ so why not be the one to give to them? After all it always changes and you can be the one to tell them so. Bring a basketball and newspaper and the class will make its own glue ­ at the end of the class we will compare and contrast globes.

Toxic Motivators and How to Use Them

In a world of plastics you are the boss so you might as well smell like one.

Talk to Larry King Anytime You Want

This is the most popular media class so enrollment is limited. Learn how to be ready for King when he calls and how to perform up to his standards. Do not wear suspenders.

How to Get Billy Bob Thorton Into Your Movie

This class teaches you the secret of character actors and why it is important to have them in your movies, especially Thorton.

Your Career in Downloading

Now you can make big bucks just getting things off the Internet and reselling them. Hard drive required.

Steal This Web Site

Think everything on the Web is free? Well your right! Learn from the pros how they applied Abby Hoffman's ideas to the twenty-first century.



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