How to Survive on a Student Budget
By Audrey Amara

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LESSON 5: Drink water, carbo-load on beer

Most people don't get enough water. Students are the same. Time, money, or lack of resources, are a few of the reasons why students don't drink water. Another common excuse is the all familiar, "I'm not thirsty," excuse. Whatever the reason, most people don't realize that they really are thirsty. Besides the fact that the human body is made up of 2/3 water, water can also satisfy hunger. When I have only about $0.50 in my purse and I need it to print out a five page report, taking a few gulps of water from the drinking fountain to hold me over until farmers market can be a good idea. This makes or breaks the difference between an "A" or a "B" grade on my report because I saved money to print out my work. Beer may seem like quite the opposite from water, but it has some of the hidden advantages that water does. Beer is known to contain lots of carbohydrates and calories. For some, this may be bad, but for the average student living on a budget this is a blessing in disguise. Carbohydrates and calories give people and students energy they need to function. Beer is most likely found at parties and is free (especially for girls), meaning less money I have to spend. One student, who wishes to remain anonymous for some reason, believes a person can survive weeks solely on beer. There are not any known facts or studies to prove this, but the source seems to be certain this works. As special note, if a student's main source of calories comes from beer, try to remember what has been said about water and how it is so important to stay hydrated since beer dehydrates.

LESSON 6: Fraternity and sorority BBQ's

$200 per month in dues, treats for a "big brother," not to mention the thousands of dollars spent on alcohol, are just some of the fees associated with being involved with "The Greeks." Even if a student isn't in a fraternity or sorority, they can still take full advantage of some of the perks Sigma Chi, Alpha Pi, or other Greek clubs offer. Sometimes smoke from the huge BBQ pits can be seen towering high above the trees at Cal Poly, SLO where I go to school. Steaks, chicken and veggie burgers (for the vegetarians) cook on the pit as Greeks professionally turn them until they are light brown. Fraternity guys with broad shoulders and even bigger pecks surround the fire like it is a place of worship. Sorority girls in pink shirts and light hair also crowd around in order to be the first to get their veggie burger. This may intimidate regular students, however, it is surprising how friendly these "Greeks" can be, especially if they don't want to waste food. This plan to "just ask" isn't 100% effective and no matter how friendly a frat. boy or sorority girl may be they may turn a student down because they don't belong. For this scenario, the best thing to do, is to try my approach of acting like it is the most normal thing in the world for me to be there. I can compare this scenario to a speaker who doesn't know much about a subject that he/she is talking about. If this speaker is a talented one and acts like he knows more about the certain subject then, the speech sounds good. If a student acts like he/she belongs at a "Greek" BBQ, then no questions will be asked.

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