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Wedding Planner
Interior Decorator
Image Consultant
Personal Trainer
Public Relations
Pop Star
Celebrity Personal Assistant
Romance Writer
Travel Writer
Management Consultant
Become a Writer
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Job and Career Information
Career & Job Books
Career Center
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Freelance Writing
Movie Jobs - First-Hand Accounts from the Set of Gabriela.
Alodie Fernanda
Gilbert Kelly
Pablo Violeta

Other Guides to Great Jobs

Become an Actor

Become an Advertising Copywriter    

Become an Archaeologist  

Become an Art Curator  

Become a Book Editor  

Become a Bookstore Owner  

Become a Cartoonist  

Become a Childrens Book Author

Become a Coffee House Owner � �  

Become a Stand-Up Comic  

Get a Job on a Cruise Ship  

Become a Doula  

Become an Etiquette Consultant

Become an Event Planner  

Become a Fashion Designer  

 Become a Firefighter  

Become a Flight Attendant  

Become a Professional Golfer    

Become a Human Resources Specialist    

Become a Makeup Artist    

Become a Massage Therapist  

Become a Model    

Become a Movie Reviewer    

Click Here Become a Mystery Shopper

Become an Olympic Athlete  

Become a Professional Organizer  

Become a Private Investigator    

Become a Television Producer  

Become a Published Writer  

Become a Recording Artist  

Become a Restaurant Owner  

 Become a Super Salesperson  

Become a Screenwriter

Become a Secondhand Store Owner  
Become a Songwriter  

Become a Motivational Speaker    

Become a Travel Writer  

Become a Television Reporter  

Become a Video Game Designer publishes books, e-books, and CD-ROMs that can help you break into a "fab" job. Visit for information.

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